Coconut Coir Disk

Coconut Coir Disk

Special offer on coconut coir disks.  100pcs with free shipping.  

These are great as plant starters or growth medium.  Just add water and they will expand to 10 times their size.  Super soft and fluffy coconut coir retains water naturally and is a great plant growth medium.  1.5 inch diameter disk will fit in most pots.  Coir is all natural, non toxic, and biodegradible.  Can be used in traditional or hydroponic systems.  Disks are individually wrapped for convienence.  

Directions: Romove outer wrap and place disk in water tight container.  Add 1/2 cup of water. Disk will expand over the next couple of hours (tip: to speed up the expansion use warm water). Fluff coir with a fork and pour off excess water.  

Please note this is a limited time offer and can not be combined with other offers.  We can not put anything else in the box with this offer.

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