Critter Playtime

Play time is fun time wih your exotic pet

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Offers warmth & Security. Encourages Nesting. Now your little bird (or critter) will have a "..
Prairie Dog CHEW LOG
Great fun for pups or adults. Satisfies their normal urge to chew. Better they chew..
Rat/Mouse CHEW LOG
Being that Rats & Mice are a gnawers, its important to provide them with plenty of ..
Sugar Glider Hang Out
is a great place for your glider to "hang out".  Suspends from a sisal rope.&nb..
Super Thru-Way
Marshall's have out done themselves with this toy.  It provides the extreme ferret adven..
Nail-O-Matic Nail trimmer insert for 8" Wodent Wheel
Available at last!!! The Nail-O-Matic sandpaper insert for the Junior (8 inch) Wodent Wheel. ..