Odor Control

Nobody likes a stinky pet. Along with a good diet these items can help with those smells

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Air Freshner Chinchilla
Show your love for your Chinchilla with this Chinchilla Air Freshner- Fresh Citrus sent will ..
Air Freshner Ferret
Here is a way for you animal lovers to show off your pride and have a fresh smelling car too! ..
B-FRESH Odor Control
B-FRESH is available in granular or powder form. Made from 100% pure pulverized Volcanic rock. Co..
BI-ODOR for Ferrets
Odor control right from the source!  Simple pump 3 to 5 pumps in your pets daily water and s..
AVAILABLE IN "Dust or Sand" form. A perfect complete bath for your pet. You'll be delighted to wa..
Ear Cleaner
ALL NATURAL Helps desensitize ears due to earmites or other non-specific disturbances of..
EUCALYPTUS  Pet Litter/Bedding
Sugar Gliders and Eucalyptus trees ~ a natural combination in the wild. This litter/bedding..
Ferret Cologne - 8 fl. oz.
Brisky Pet Products Ferret Cologne is formulated for use on Ferrets and contains a pleasant Frees..
Ferret Order Remover
Complete odor elimination! The absolute best ferret odor product available. Stops odors at their ..
FERRET SHAMPOO ~ "original" formula with baking soda
Keep your Ferret looking and smelling its' best with Marshall's Original" Ferret Shampoo. Formula..
Glider glo spray on conditioner will leave your glider's coat soft and shiny.  Helps control..
Hedgehog Air Freshner
Want a great smelling car- and a cute Hedgehog too?   Hang this Citrus scented Air Fres..
Innovative screw mechanism easily secures pan to cage and unscrews for cleaning. Pet-frie..
Rabbit Cologne - 8 fl. oz. spray bottle
BPP Rabbit Cologne contains a pleasant fragrance combined with a coat conditioner and is speciall..
RABBIT Dry" Shampoo"
especially formulated for use on Rabbits & Bunnies.  It will remove dirt and organic mat..