Brisky Pet Products specializes in exotic animal diets and exotic pet supplies. We carry a full line of diets, treats, and supplies for Sugar Gliders, Hedgehogs, Prairie Dogs, Degus, Flying Squirrels, Chinchillas, Short Tail Possums, Rodents, Rats and Mice.  Our food is locally made fresh in small batches so your assured of the freshest diet available.  We carry a large variety of sizes to fit your needs, so if you need food for 1 mouse or 1000 Prairie Dogs we can fill the bill.  Most of our orders are shipped the next business day. Ask about our money back guarantee!

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Bird Kabob
More fun than a Barrel of Monkeys! ..
 Specially formulated for Short-Tail Possums. Designed to be a total diet.  Fruits,..
Brisky Diets ~ CHINCHILLAS
Specially formulated for Chinchillas ....weanlings through adults.  Fortified with VIT..
Brisky Diets ~ HEDGEHOG
Specially formulated for Hedgehog's .... weanlings through adults. Brisky Diets HEDGEHOG Feed WIT..
Brisky Diets ~ POT BELLY PIG
Specially formulated for Pot Belly Pigs of all Ages.  Special order product may take an extr..
Brisky Diets ~ RABBIT
A complete diet formulated for rabbits from weanlings to adults. It contains 100% of nutrient..
Brisky Diets ~ RATS & MICE
Our special formula was developed for pet Rats and Mice.  You can feed these critters top sh..
Brisky Diets ~ ROBUST RODENT~
This special formula was developed for many members of the rodent family-Hamsters, Mice, Rats, Ge..
Brisky Diets ~ SUGAR GLIDER
Specially formulated for Sugar Gliders.... weanlings through adults.   Brisky D..
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Bedding is 100% All Natural Raw Cotton. Grown in the USA!!! Contains No Polyester or artifici..
Egg Food
54% PROTEIN!!!! Here is an outstanding protein supplement!  Great for small exotics that..
GOLD DUST ~ Pure Sweet Corn! ~
Brisky's Gold Dust is a real value ~  2 oz. is equal to 3 ears of pure sweet corn, and will ..
GOLDEN WHEELS ~ Pure Sweet Corn
are derived from our "Sweet Corn Rolls". 99% pure ground sweet corn ideal for the s..
GUNNY SACK & 9 lbs. Brisky  Diets ~ Rodent
The Gunny Sack (item # 288) filled with 9 lbs of Brisky Diets of your choice. ..
GUNNY SACK & 9 lbs. Brisky Diet  ~ Fox
The Gunny Sack (item # 288) filled with 9 lbs of Brisky Diets of your choice. ..