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Bird Kabob
More fun than a Barrel of Monkeys! ..
BONDING TETHER for Sugar Gliders & Small Animals
Alternative to a leash or harness, the tether has an adjustable loop that locks into place around..
Chinchilla CHEW LOG
Its important to provide Chins with plenty of chew toys.  This log satisfies their ..
made with Vegetable Parchment. Ideal for chewing, playing, sleeping & hiding ..
Coconut Cabana
BACK IN STOCK!!!  The Natural Sleep n' Play Hideaway 41/2"  High; approx. 3..
A great place for Ferrets or other small critters to curl up in and take a nap. Made from assorte..
Grass & Willow Bunny Ball
Filled with Timothy Hay. TOTALLY EDIBLE.  Perfect treat for your Rabbit, Chinchilla,..
Hamster HUT
Encourages hamsters to hollow out their own nest and provides hours of enjoyment chewing and..
Offers warmth & Security. Encourages Nesting. Now your little bird (or critter) will have a "..
A natural and instinctual activity toy that will provide your parakeet with hours of unlimited fu..
Prairie Dog CHEW LOG
Great fun for pups or adults. Satisfies their normal urge to chew. Better they chew..
Rat/Mouse CHEW LOG
Being that Rats & Mice are a gnawers, its important to provide them with plenty of ..
SAFE HOUSE for Chinchillas
Keeps new born Chin's from accidently being crushed by their mom. Baby crawls into the 2 dia. X 5..
Slumber Tunnel
The Slumber Tunnel is made of naturally dried grasses.  Your small animal will love this new..
Sugar Glider Hang Out
is a great place for your glider to "hang out".  Suspends from a sisal rope.&nb..