Brisky Pet Products carries a full line of grooming products for your exotic pocket pet  Most Exotic pets tend to keep themselves pretty clean, but often have an odor.  There are times where your pocket pets fur may appear dull or soiled, and at times may even be stained.  Along with the proper nutrition and specialized diets and treats, the proper grooming products are a must.  Often times shampoos and conditioners designed for larger pets are just too harsh to use on our small exotic animals. 

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Brisky  "BITTERS"
is a taste deterrent for animals that have a tendency to chew and bite their skin, hair, or fur. ..
AVAILABLE IN "Dust or Sand" form. A perfect complete bath for your pet. You'll be delighted to wa..
Ear Cleaner
ALL NATURAL Helps desensitize ears due to earmites or other non-specific disturbances of..
Ferret Cologne - 8 fl. oz.
Brisky Pet Products Ferret Cologne is formulated for use on Ferrets and contains a pleasant Frees..
GOLDEN WHEELS ~ Pure Sweet Corn
are derived from our "Sweet Corn Rolls". 99% pure ground sweet corn ideal for the s..
SKIN CARE SPRAY Sooths irritation from Hot Spots Flea Bite Dermatitis Ecz..
Absorbs 10X its' weight in liquid! Ideal for all small pets. Provides amazing drying powe..