Sugar Glider "Dry SHAMPOO " 4 oz. pump spray"

Sugar Glider "Dry  SHAMPOO " 4 oz. pump spray"

How Can a Shampoo Be Dry?  Actually it's not.  What that means is the Sugar Glider can be dry, which makes it a lot easier to bath them, works great if the pet is skiddish or doesn't like to get wet.

Brisky's Sugar Glider Dry SHAMPOO  is specially formulated for the Sugar Glider's supple skin and lustrous coat easily removes dirt and organic matter.  It's detergent free and contains no alcohol or animal by products.

Just point and spray tip towards soiled area.  Lightly spray and let stand for approximately one minute.  Rub area with clean cloth and let dry.

Can be used on other animals too!!!

Baby Powder Fragrance.

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