Wholesale Discounts

  Brisky Pet Products wholesale DiscountsBrisky Pet Products is fast becoming one of the largest wholesale Exotic Pet speciality suppliers in the industry.  We currently serve hundreds of pet stores from coast to coast and would like the opportunity to be your supplier. BPP specializes in exotic animal specific feeds which are proprietary to us, along with a vast array of treats, accessories and supplies. 

   BPP Exotic pet products offer the pet store profit margins that can help boost your stores bottom line.  Most dog and cat food provide little profit where as exotic pet food margins to the pet store are excellent.

  BPP has a wide selection of hard to find items for exotics. NO minimum order.  Call for a free catalog along with a wholesale price list.  Our toll free # is 1-800-462-2464 and a customer service rep will work with you to help find products that will keep your customers coming back.