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Refrigerator Magnet ~ Ferret Xng Sign
These mini- magnets are 2¾" square in gold with black lettering/graphics. ..
Revenge Pantry BUG TRAP"
Rid yourself of those pesky bugs once and for all with these new pantry traps. ODORLESS ..
ROSE HIPS ~ Loaded with Vitamin C
A Rose is A Rose Dried rose hips are an excellent source of Vitamin C.  A taste and crun..
SAFE HOUSE for Chinchillas
Keeps new born Chin's from accidently being crushed by their mom. Baby crawls into the 2 dia. X 5..
provide a convenient source of pure salt, which is important to all animals. Molded to the ri..
The Screen Bottom Feeder is made of an all metal contruction to provide years of service. The wir..
SLEEP SACK for Ferrets
A Sleeping Bag for Ferrets. Measures 12"W x 20" L. Lined with synthetic lambs wool. Assorted patt..
Small Animal Water Tube
This glass water tube is ideal for hamsters, sugar gliders and other small pets.  Tube is ap..
Snake Book ~ by Lenny Frank, Jr.
The HOWELL book welcomes you to the fascinating world of keeping a snake (or snakes!) as a pet. I..
EAT YOUR SPINACH! are familiar words to many children. Here's a way to provide spinach to you..
Spine~N~Shine for Hedgehogs
Your Hedgehog is going to love you even more after he get's his spines cleaned with Spine-N-Shine..
Sugar Glider "Dry  SHAMPOO " 4 oz. pump spray"
How Can a Shampoo Be Dry?  Actually it's not.  What that means is the Sugar Glider can ..
Sugar Glider Hang Out
is a great place for your glider to "hang out".  Suspends from a sisal rope.&nb..
Sugar Glider NECTAR
In addition to a balanced diet, pet Sugar Gliders will thrive with our Nectar Supplement add..
Sugar Gliders by Todd Bacon
This is a great book, simply called Sugar Gliders.  It's the newly revised edition of the ow..