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    Brisky Net Lease Continues Growth, Expands to California

    Brisky Solidifies West Coast Presence with LA Expansion

    MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. (February 19, 2024) – Today, commercial real estate firm Brisky Net Lease (Brisky) announced plans to expand by adding a regional office in Los Angeles, California. The firm specializes in triple net lease (NNN) transactions and other forms of investment real estate across the United States.

    Brisky identified Los Angeles as a critical market early in the firm’s targeted growth plan. The Los Angeles team is led by Brisky’s VP of Strategy, Michael Palffy, who spearheads strategic initiatives for Brisky Net Lease’s expansion and recruiting efforts. Palffy is joined by four talented brokers who will be introduced in the days to follow.

    “As Brisky Net Lease continues its thoughtful expansion, Los Angeles made obvious sense. The net lease broker talent pool, coupled with a massive investor network will undoubtedly add value to our clients and propel additional growth, said Brian Brisky, Founder and President. Additional markets are planned, but this will be a major hub for Brisky’s full-service investment sales platform.”

    Founded in 2010 by Brian Brisky, Brisky is known for excellent client service, transparent communication, and determined results for large institutions, private groups, and individual investors. With more than 90 percent of their transactions coming from repeat clients, Brisky achieved steady results in 2023 during a changing market and looks forward to continued growth in 2024.

    About Brisky Net Lease

    Brisky Net Lease is a commercial real estate brokerage that provides full-scale buyer and seller representation on real estate and triple-net lease properties nationwide. Brisky Net Lease is based in Minneapolis with another regional office in Charlotte. For more information, please contact us at or 612-413-4200.

    NNN Leases and REITS: A Match Made in Heaven?

    Investing in real estate has always been a popular choice for individuals seeking long-term wealth accumulation and diversification of investments. Two strategies that have gained significant attention in recent years are triple net leases (NNN) and Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs). We will explore how these two investment options can work together seamlessly, offering a match made in heaven for savvy investors.

    Understanding Triple Net Leases

    Triple Net Leases, commonly known as NNN leases, are a type of lease agreement where tenants assume responsibility for property management expenses in addition to rent. These expenses typically include property taxes, insurance, and maintenance costs. By shifting these responsibilities to the tenant, property owners enjoy a steady income stream with reduced management obligations.


    Exploring Real Estate Investment Trusts

    Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) are investment vehicles that pool funds from multiple investors to invest in income-generating real estate properties. REITs offer individual investors an opportunity to participate in large-scale real estate portfolios without the need for substantial upfront capital. They provide access to various property types, including commercial, residential, and industrial, allowing investors to diversify their real estate holdings easily.

    The Synergy Between Triple Net Leases and REITs:

    1. Stable Income Stream: Triple Net Leases offer a reliable and predictable income stream for investors. By including triple net lease properties within a REIT portfolio, investors can benefit from a steady flow of rental income generated by single tenant net lease properties.

    2. Diversification of Investments: REITs provide investors with the opportunity to diversify their real estate holdings across different sectors, locations, and property types. By incorporating triple net lease properties into a REIT portfolio, investors can further diversify their investment and mitigate risk.

    3. Professional Property Management: REITs have a dedicated team of professionals who manage property management tasks, including leasing, maintenance, and rent collection. This alleviates the burden of managing individual triple net lease properties for investors, freeing up their time and resources.

    4. Increased Access to Investment Opportunities: Investing in triple net lease properties individually may require significant capital and specialized knowledge. By investing in REITs, investors gain access to a wider range of investment opportunities, including high-quality triple net lease properties that may have been otherwise inaccessible.


    Maximizing Real Estate Investment with Triple Net Leases and REITs

    Triple Net Leases and Real Estate Investment Trusts are complementary investment options that can create a harmonious and profitable investment strategy. By combining the stable income streams and reduced management obligations of triple net leases with the diversification, professional management, and increased access to investment opportunities provided by REITs, investors can enjoy the best of both worlds.

    Whether you are an individual investor or a seasoned institution, considering the marriage of NNN leases and REITs can offer an attractive investment opportunity within the realm of commercial real estate.

    Recap of ICSC Conference

    The ICSC Conference, organized by the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) association, took place in late May in Las Vegas. This premier event series brought together the networked community of dealmakers, negotiators, and moneymakers in the marketplaces industry. Brisky Net Lease, a leading business in the investment real estate sector, made its mark at the conference, leaving a lasting impression on attendees.

    Brisky Net Lease Shines at ICSC Conference

    “Our team returned from a very successful ICSC Las Vegas 2023! The vibe was good, and our meetings and events were well attended. We feel fortunate to have so many great clients who rely on us for a wide range of services.

    Market discovery continues to be an overwhelming theme. One thing I love about our team is our ability to pivot. Pivot with new assignments, sectors and juggle these fluid debt markets.

    Yesterday, today, and tomorrow are all kept in perspective as we evaluate opportunities and keep our pipeline full. Our growing team is composed of energetic teammates that are putting in the time, staying focused, and keeping your best interests in mind.” – Brian Brisky, Founder & President of Brisky Net Lease


    Forward Momentum: Brisky Net Lease’s Success at ICSC Conference

    As Brisky continues to expand its expertise and network within the investment real estate sector, attendance at prestigious events like the ICSC conference ensures that they remain at the forefront of the marketplaces industry.


    New Look | Same Commitment

    Brisky Net Lease Is Excited to Announce Our Rebranding & New Website!

    Our brand refresh reflects our continued focus and expertise in Net Lease Properties and Investment Real Estate nationwide.

    We are pleased to announce our rebranding, including a new website! Our new website, simplified to, consolidates the two former brands and sites of Brisky Net Lease and Brisky Commercial into one streamlined site for investment real estate! Established by Brian Brisky in 2010, the company has grown and evolved over the past decade in the Investment Real Estate industry, and we want our brand to reflect this growth, focus, and experience. Headquartered in Minneapolis, Brisky Net Lease works with buyers and sellers nationwide to provide superior service and build stronger relationships through dedication, innovative thinking, and cutting-edge technology.

    “We want to be the link between commercial real estate buyers and sellers, forging successful, long-standing relationships that generate results. And regardless of our changes – honesty, integrity, and dedication will always remain at the core of who we are and what we do.”

    -Brian Brisky, President

    We aim to be your comprehensive partner for investment real estate. On seller representation, we work diligently on underwriting, property evaluation, and best in class marketing. With buyers, we work continually to source unique opportunities and be a valued partner. We make it a priority to educate and communicate in a fast-moving market, ensuring you are informed every step of the way, and our updated style and new website showcase this.

    Our logo and website may look different, but our focus and commitment remain the same – to provide the best full-scale buyer and seller representation in Net Lease Properties and Investment Real Estate.

    Check out our new look and consolidated website at, formerly and