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    Hannah Briley

    Hannah serves as the Marketing Coordinator for Brisky Net Lease. In this role, she assists in the execution of the firm’s social media strategy and the creation of marketing materials for all of its online listings. This includes creating and executing email and social media campaigns, as well as creating content to generate leads from listings and to ensure each property receives ample exposure.

    Hannah has a degree in marketing and began her career in commercial real estate as a digital marketing coordinator, where she studied best practices in social media marketing and email campaigns. Hannah’s work style is collaborative and detail oriented, helping her thrive when working with a team to share ideas and communicate strategy. She believes in continuous learning and keeps up to date with emerging trends and best practices in marketing and social media.

    Mikena Vazquez

    Mikena serves as the Marketing Manager for Brisky Net Lease, where she oversees the creation and execution of all marketing efforts for both the brand and its listings. Mikena plays a crucial role in driving and optimizing the company’s online presence through effective material creation and comprehensive strategies across all platforms. Through management of the company’s online listings and implementation of strategic marketing methods, Mikena significantly enhances the visibility of our client’s properties and further enhances the reputation of the brand.

    Mikena values innovation and continuously looks for new technologies, tools, and trends in the marketing field that offer the most effective ways to market the firm and its property listings. Her detail-oriented work assists the Brisky team with market, property, and tenant research and allows for innovative marketing strategies to be put in place for both clients and the firm. Mikena embraces adaptability, as evidenced by the ease with which she adjusts strategies and approaches in response to changing market conditions and emerging trends. She promotes collaboration among her colleagues, fostering open communication to help generate new ideas and solutions for the firm.

    Madeline LaVine

    Madeline serves as the Research and Underwriting Manager at Brisky Net Lease. She supports the broker team with comprehensive research, ranging from individual real estate deals to the broader macroeconomic landscape. Madeline meticulously documents and reports on crucial industry trends to produce assessments of the real estate market for the firm and its clients. She specializes in streamlining property and market research to gain insightful perspectives on the changing market. Her data analysis, research and effective communication of business strategies support the firm’s success, and fosters new business growth and development.

    Madeline joined Brisky Net Lease in 2019. Before entering the Commercial Real Estate sector, Madeline worked in Public Accounting, where she earned her CPA license and developed a detailed-oriented approach to research and analysis that she relies on today. She continues to leverage her accounting experience to underwrite deals, assess properties, and analyze financial statements. Madeline combines the analytical rigor she nurtured as a CPA with skills she has expanded in her work in real estate, such as strategic thinking, adaptability, collaboration, and a results-driven approach. She continues her professional development through real estate conferences, focusing on deal-making and commercial transactions.

    Michael Palffy

    Michael’s unique background serves as the foundation for his Vice President of Strategy role, where he oversees various critical functions at Brisky Net Lease. He manages broker relationships, guides operations, spearheads recruitment efforts, directs expansion strategies, and ensures compliance with internal policies. Each of these responsibilities guarantees that Brisky Net Lease can operate efficiently, grow sustainably, and maintain its commitment to excellence.

    Michael previously worked as a paralegal for a law firm before transitioning into the real estate industry ten years ago. He is currently licensed as a real estate broker in California and Arizona. Michael started in the industry as a broker before moving into operations, recruiting, and strategy. This experience as a broker, combined with experience in operations and management, forged his unique skill set and prepared him for the current role— allowing him to relate and communicate effectively with brokers and management.

    Michael’s role allows him to leverage his strengths in strategic thinking, effective communication, problem-solving abilities, adaptability, and collaborative partnerships. He has developed a leadership style built on approaching a challenge from all angles and making a decision based on what is ethically correct and in the best interest of the company.

    Mike Brisky

    Mike graduated from the University of Minnesota-Duluth with a degree in Political Science. With over 15 years of experience in the real estate industry, Mike oversees the creation and execution of Brisky’s strategy and operations, analyzing the latest industry trends for tenants, investment groups, and markets to determine how the Brisky team can best serve their clients. Mike is also involved in research and new business development, and enjoys leveraging his long history in the industry to understand the market and find innovative solutions. When not in the office, Mike enjoys music, golfing, and hiking scenic trails.

    Susie Wunderlin

    Susie serves as the Transaction and Operations Manager at Brisky Net Lease. In her role, she oversees the firm’s transaction pipeline, managing paperwork and deadlines, and ensuring due diligence requirements and deliverables are met to ensure smooth transactions. Susie’s sharp attention to detail allows her to manage multiple transactions and operational tasks at once, ensuring everything is handled seamlessly.

    Since joining Brisky in 2013, her role has evolved to align with her skill set. Susie has leveraged her communications background and her passion for collaboration to serve the firm and its clients. Beyond transactional responsibilities, Susie also collaborates with the marketing team to develop and execute comprehensive marketing plans and deliverables. Susie plays a vital role in ensuring effective communication channels, employing her expertise in researching markets, properties, tenants, demographics, and other areas to help create compelling and informative marketing materials. Her foundation in communications has proven to be a vital component of her ongoing success at Brisky.