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    Michael Palffy

    Michael’s unique background serves as the foundation for his Vice President of Strategy role, where he oversees various critical functions at Brisky Net Lease. He manages broker relationships, guides operations, spearheads recruitment efforts, directs expansion strategies, and ensures compliance with internal policies. Each of these responsibilities guarantees that Brisky Net Lease can operate efficiently, grow sustainably, and maintain its commitment to excellence.

    Michael previously worked as a paralegal for a law firm before transitioning into the real estate industry ten years ago. He is currently licensed as a real estate broker in California and Arizona. Michael started in the industry as a broker before moving into operations, recruiting, and strategy. This experience as a broker, combined with experience in operations and management, forged his unique skill set and prepared him for the current role— allowing him to relate and communicate effectively with brokers and management.

    Michael’s role allows him to leverage his strengths in strategic thinking, effective communication, problem-solving abilities, adaptability, and collaborative partnerships. He has developed a leadership style built on approaching a challenge from all angles and making a decision based on what is ethically correct and in the best interest of the company.