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    Brisky Net Lease is Growing | Join Our Team

    Brisky Net Lease has been on a significant growth trajectory since the start of 2023, adding new offices in both Charlotte and Los Angeles. As we continue to expand our footprint across the United States, we invite talented professionals to join our dynamic team and be a part of our exciting journey.

    Expanding Our Presence


    In early 2023, Brisky Net Lease marked a milestone by establishing new offices in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Los Angeles, California. These strategic expansions are part of our commitment to better serve our clients and capture new market opportunities. 

    Why Join Brisky Net Lease?


    We are proven dealmakers, with deep relationships with some of the largest institutions in the world and want to assemble a powerhouse team to next level our brand. We believe in alignment with the very best partners the country has to offer in net lease. We are passionate about quality over quantity and adding teammates who believe in that philosophy and vision. We are building out an industry leading research and business development team that aims to provide real time data for our agents that ultimately flows back to the clients. Custom tailored around you, your skill sets and specialties.

    We are ADAPTIVE

    In a changing market, we find ways to transact and support our teams. We don’t sit still, and we don’t stay complacent. We believe that tough markets produce the greatest opportunities and want to leverage that for the long term gain of the individual agent and ultimately the firm.


    It is one of the core reasons we are in brokerage. We aim to win-win for the client which produces the biggest wins for the agents.

    We are ORIGINAL

    We strive to be different. We stand out from the pack and let others take notice. Not by what we say, but by what we do.  


    We are a tough crew with an unwavering work ethic. We believe that stands out and prevails over time.  

    We CARE

    We have never had a lay off, pay cut or dwell on negative market news. We aim to find silver linings in all markets. Brisky wants to support you and take what the market will allow.

    Working for Brisky 



    We are firm believers in cultivating an exceptional culture – one that seamlessly integrates hard work, strong ethics, relationship building, and enjoyment. This unique blend encompasses the right events, unwavering support from the firm, and the industry’s most thoughtful collaborations.

    Working at Brisky offers a dynamic and rewarding experience, rooted in a commitment to mentorship, collaboration, freedom, and fun. Our goal is to foster mentorship, whether the organization seeks to mentor you or is committed to aiding you in mentoring others. We firmly believe that continuous growth is a fundamental element of sustained success, and we strive for it as a united team. Collaboration is at the heart of what we do; We have a spirit of generosity and collaboration, preferring to work together to overcome industry challenges rather than facing them in isolation. 

    Our ethos centers around a win-win mindset, where success is a shared goal, and we believe that in such a mentality, everyone benefits, or no one truly wins. Our extensive internal pipelines provide immediate access to listings, pipelines, and off-market opportunities for qualifying individuals, maximizing your potential for success. Beyond work, we know how to have fun, celebrating our achievements together. 


    Join Us Today


    If you are passionate about real estate and looking for a rewarding career with a growing company, Brisky Net Lease is the place for you. For more information about our growth and opportunities, please contact us at