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    Maddie from Brisky Net Lease

    Madeline LaVine

    Research & Underwriting Manager

    Madeline serves as the Research and Underwriting Manager at Brisky Net Lease. She supports the broker team with comprehensive research, ranging from individual real estate deals to the broader macroeconomic landscape. Madeline meticulously documents and reports on crucial industry trends to produce assessments of the real estate market for the firm and its clients. She specializes in streamlining property and market research to gain insightful perspectives on the changing market. Her data analysis, research and effective communication of business strategies support the firm’s success, and fosters new business growth and development.

    Madeline joined Brisky Net Lease in 2019. Before entering the Commercial Real Estate sector, Madeline worked in Public Accounting, where she earned her CPA license and developed a detailed-oriented approach to research and analysis that she relies on today. She continues to leverage her accounting experience to underwrite deals, assess properties, and analyze financial statements. Madeline combines the analytical rigor she nurtured as a CPA with skills she has expanded in her work in real estate, such as strategic thinking, adaptability, collaboration, and a results-driven approach. She continues her professional development through real estate conferences, focusing on deal-making and commercial transactions.