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    Mikena from Brisky Net Lease

    Mikena Vazquez

    Marketing Manager

    Mikena serves as the Marketing Manager for Brisky Net Lease, where she oversees the creation and execution of all marketing efforts for both the brand and its listings. Mikena plays a crucial role in driving and optimizing the company’s online presence through effective material creation and comprehensive strategies across all platforms. Through management of the company’s online listings and implementation of strategic marketing methods, Mikena significantly enhances the visibility of our client’s properties and further enhances the reputation of the brand.

    Mikena values innovation and continuously looks for new technologies, tools, and trends in the marketing field that offer the most effective ways to market the firm and its property listings. Her detail-oriented work assists the Brisky team with market, property, and tenant research and allows for innovative marketing strategies to be put in place for both clients and the firm. Mikena embraces adaptability, as evidenced by the ease with which she adjusts strategies and approaches in response to changing market conditions and emerging trends. She promotes collaboration among her colleagues, fostering open communication to help generate new ideas and solutions for the firm.