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    Trent Anderson

    Senior Associate

    Trent serves as a Senior Associate at Brisky Net Lease. As a net lease and sale-leaseback advisor, Trent specializes in corporate and value-add real estate, helping owners maximize their real estate assets’ value by strategically shifting equity from non-revenue generating assets into growth initiatives via sale-leaseback transactions. Trent has extensive knowledge of the buyer pools for the asset classes he works in. He adeptly navigates the market landscape while effectively maximizing valuations by identifying the ideal times for assertive tactics or customizing marketing strategies to connect with prospective buyers.

    Trent started nearly a decade ago in the industry as a net lease broker, specializing in advising clients through acquisitions into Single Tenant Net Lease (STNL), Tenancy in Common (TIC) and Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) properties. Trent’s work style is characterized by honesty and collaboration, providing clients with data-supported advice tailored to their goals. His ability to connect with people and grasp their perspectives allows him to effectively relay information, fostering long-term client relationships. Trent values empathy and understanding, placing himself in the client’s position as he develops a solution that best serves them and their goals.