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Perfect" POCKET ~"
An attractive, yet cozy bed for sugar gliders or other pocket pets. Easily attaches to yo..
Pocket Pet Series - GERBILS
Provides everything you need to know about your pet, such as preparing for ~  Choosi..
Porcelain Coffee Mug
Start your day with morning coffee in these specialized mugs while the imprinted critters watch y..
Prairie Dog CHEW LOG
Great fun for pups or adults. Satisfies their normal urge to chew. Better they chew..
Revenge Pantry BUG TRAP"
Rid yourself of those pesky bugs once and for all with these new pantry traps. ODORLESS ..
TIMOTHY PELLETS ~ Contains No Alfalfa
Premium quality & contains no alfalfa.   An ideal occasional alternative diet o..
Naturally loaded with Vitamins and Minerals, our Veggie Chips have a taste and Crunch that Pets a..
Made of durable nylon polypropylene. Keeps your pet safe and comfortable while jogging on its whe..
Yogurt Delites are our most POPULAR treat.  Made from human grade ingredients so you know th..