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    Goodwill's E-Commerce Expansion

    Goodwill Leverages E-Commerce with GoodwillFinds: A New Era of Thrifting

    Goodwill Leverages E-Commerce with GoodwillFinds: A New Era of Thrifting

    Goodwill, a renowned organization for its thrift stores and community programs, has ventured into the ecommerce space with GoodwillFinds, a platform that reimagines the thrift shopping experience. This initiative marks a significant leap for Goodwill, leveraging the power of digital transformation to broaden its reach and impact.

    E-Commerce Meets Social Good: The Rise of GoodwillFinds


    GoodwillFinds was launched as a second hand marketplace to support Goodwill’s mission of providing job training, placement, and youth mentorship programs across the U.S. This online venture showcases a curated selection of clothing, books, home decor, and more, allowing shoppers to contribute to local community programs with their purchases. The platform’s net proceeds directly benefit the regions from which items were sourced, ensuring that every purchase supports Goodwill’s extensive social service programs​.

    Matthew A. Kaness, a veteran in retail and digital commerce, has been appointed as the CEO of GoodwillFinds. With his extensive experience, Kaness is set to drive the platform’s expansion and enhance Goodwill’s impact both online and in-store​​. Under his leadership, GoodwillFinds aims to become a leading online resale site, supported by the vast network of Goodwill’s physical stores.

    A Strategic Move Towards Digital Thrifting


    GoodwillFinda | A Strategic Move Towards Digital ThriftingThe transition to e-commerce is not just a trend but a strategic response to the growing demand for online shopping. GoodwillFinds is designed to meet the needs of conscious consumers seeking sustainable shopping options, while also making thrifting more accessible. The platform has seen rapid growth since its inception, with plans to onboard all Goodwill members and stores​.

    The global secondhand market is booming, with projections indicating significant growth in online sales. GoodwillFinds is poised to capture a significant portion of this market, benefiting from the trend towards sustainable and conscious consumption​​.

    How GoodwillFinds Works


    GoodwillFinds offers an intuitive and straightforward shopping experience. Users can easily create an account, browse through various categories, and shop for new arrivals. While it focuses on direct sales, the platform maintains Goodwill’s traditional model by encouraging physical donations at its numerous storefronts​​.

    GoodwillFinds – A New Chapter in Thrifting


    GoodwillFinds - A New Chapter in Thrifting


    GoodwillFinds represents a modern approach to thrift shopping within the commercial real estate market, merging Goodwill’s mission with the convenience of online retail. This initiative not only broadens Goodwill’s reach but also strengthens its community support programs. As e-commerce continues to evolve, GoodwillFinds stands out as a purpose-driven platform that offers both sustainability and social impact.