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    Introduction to Sale-Leaseback with Brisky Net Lease

    Brisky Net Lease provides full-scale buyer and seller representation on real estate and triple-net lease properties nationwide. Brisky spans the nation with offices in Minneapolis, Los Angeles and Charlotte. Founded in 2010, Brisky Net Lease is known for excellent client service, transparent communication, and determined results for large institutions, private groups, and individual investors

    Unpacking the Benefits of Sale-Leaseback


    Strategic Considerations for Sale-Leaseback


    A sale-leaseback strategy allows business and property owners to sell their property and simultaneously lease it back from the buyer. This arrangement provides a multitude of strategic benefits:

    Immediate Access to Capital

    Businesses can gain instant capital, which can be utilized for expansion, debt reduction, or reinvestment into core operations. This influx of resources can be pivotal for growth or restructuring strategies.

    Unlocking Equity

    By converting an owned property into liquid assets, companies can unlock equity that was previously tied up, enhancing their financial flexibility.

    Improved Cash Flow

    Sale-leaseback deals can significantly improve cash flow by reducing capital tied up in real estate and redirecting it towards more profitable ventures.

    Asset-Light Strategy

    This approach allows businesses to maintain operational control over the property while not having it on the books, enabling a focus on core business activities without the burden of property management.

    Flexibility and Stability

    Sale-leaseback agreements offer flexibility in lease terms and duration, tailored to fit the strategic needs of the business. Furthermore, these arrangements provide stability and certainty for long-term planning.

    Tax and Financial Benefits

    Participating in a sale-leaseback can yield notable tax benefits and enhance financial ratios like Return on Assets (ROA) and Return on Equity (ROE). These improvements can make a significant impact on a company’s financial health and appeal to investors.

    Risk Mitigation

    In fluctuating market conditions, locking in a long-term lease can stabilize property costs and mitigate risks associated with property value fluctuations.

    Strategic Considerations for Sale-Leaseback

    While the benefits are compelling, it’s crucial for businesses to thoroughly assess the terms and potential implications of a sale-leaseback deal. Brisky Net Lease’s experience with high-profile transactions across retail sectors like restaurants, grocery and furniture demonstrate their ability to help businesses and property owners unlock capital, improve cash flow and focus on core operations while retaining the use of the property. 

    Brisky Net Lease is actively targeting sectors such as Auto & Recreation Vehicle Dealerships, Manufacturing/Industrial Properties, and Office Buildings, or those considering this financial tool it’s important to evaluate the terms and consider long term implications. If you’re interested in learning more, please reach out to the Brisky team..